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English Longbow

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With a rounded belly and narrow limb design, our English Longbow is a near-exact replica of the medieval bows used by the English and Welsh for hunting and warfare. The English longbow offers archers a chance to reconnect with their roots, and makes an excellent choice for Renaissance costumes and other historic reenactments.  


Hand-crafted from locally grown hickory, the English Longbow is designed for off-the-hand shooting. This bow is built to your specs and comes ready to shoot.  Requiring only a light sanding and the finish of your choice, it's a rewarding project for all experience levels.  


This bow is great for target practice, SCA events, archery competitions and hunting. Certain events and hunting laws may require specific draw lengths and draw weights, so be sure to check their requirements if ordering for that purpose.  




Remember to always unstring your bow when it is not in use, and never fire the bow without an arrow.

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Your You-Finish Bow is technically ready to shoot. However, to ensure its long life and qualty performance, a few simple finishing steps are required.


1. Use a rasp, knife, or coarse sandpaper to round out the edges of the handle so that it's comfortable to grip.


2. Using 80 grit sandpaper, sand the entire bow evenly, moving lengthwise down the limbs.  We recommend sanding by hand.  Sanding too aggressively (i.e. with power tools) can decrease the speed of the bow.


3. Dampen the bow with a cloth or rag, then allow to dry. This will raise the woodgrain and allow for a smoother finish.


4. Give the bow a final sanding with 150 or 220 grit sandpaper. Be sure to clean up the string grooves, too.


5. Seal the bow with any type of polyurethane, tung oil, or other flexible wood finish. (We like to use a glossy water-based polyurethane.) You can stain and/or decorate the bow prior to sealing. Make sure your stains and paints are compatible with your choice of sealer.  Allow for proper drying time, and your bow is ready to shoot! 


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