Welcome to G.I. Bow! We are makers of top quality traditional and fantasy styled archery goods. All of our products are handmade in the USA and we strive for excellence. G.I. Bow was founded by bowyer Justin Steinmetz. Justin has been making bows and arrows since his teenage years and continues to do so today. G.I. Bow is the originator of the You Finish Bow and has been making them since 1998. G.I. Bow specializes in traditional and fantasy themed long bows and arrows that can be used for recreational shooting as well as hunting. We also offer a wide range of DIY bow making supplies such as complete bow kits, hickory staves, risers blocks, tip overlays, bowstrings, and bowsocks. Whether you are looking to purchase a bow that is ready to shoot as soon as you receive it, or if you would like to put a little work into it and finish it off your way, you will find the perfect traditional archery product here at G.I. Bows.

Along with our impressive line of traditional and fantasy archery goods, you will also find a nice selection of companion products. To ensure you are able to create the ultimate traditional archery experience, we offer leather quivers, archery arm guards, reenactment clothing and other accessories. No matter what your age, or what your level of skill is, we have something great for you. We carry a full line of Youth archery products including longbows, arrows, and quivers. For adults, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned archer, our longbows come in a variety of draw weights to suit your needs.

Currently, Justin and the G.I. Bow team are focusing on production and new product development. We have partnered with Medieval Collectibles, a reputable online retailer specializing in anything and everything medieval and Renaissance. When you place your order through our website, it will be processed and shipped by Medieval Collectibles. You will be getting the quality G.I. Bows product you want with the customer service you deserve.